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Words and photos by Enocha Tellus.

I never realized how beautiful Arizona is. The fact that people living here get to see these miraculous views everyday has me in awe. I wasn’t always an outdoorsy person, but as the years roll on I find myself connected more with nature and all its beauty. My Teva sandals have been perfect for all my adventures, and from the airport to the mountains, I have styled them so many different ways that I sometimes forget I own other shoes.

Enocha Tellus at the Grand Canyon

Man standing at the Grand Canyon


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By the time we finally arrived to the Grand Canyon, it was evening. We decided to go to the Visitor’s Center and get all the information we could about the Canyon, then start fresh in the morning. If it’s your first time visiting the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend that you start at the Visitor’s Center so they can walk you through everything. As its name suggests, the Grand Canyon is very grand so there are many different trails and viewpoints you can access, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling.


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We were so glad we asked the park guide for the best spot to catch the sunrise because he ended up directing us to Shoshone Point, which wasn’t anywhere on the visitor’s map of the park. We would have had no idea if we didn’t ask. We woke up at 3:30am to hike to Shoshone Point to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon — yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. It’s about a mile hike on even terrain the whole way through the forest, an easy walk. When we reached the clearing that opened up to the Canyon we thought we had arrived. But off in the distance we spotted a man playing guitar on the edge of the cliff and realize this must be Shoshone Point!


“We hiked to the edge, and in the moment it didn’t feel scary at all. The guitar player was an added perk!”


We hiked to the edge of a cliff, and in the moment it didn’t feel scary at all. It ended up being the most amazing view and there were no other tourists around! It felt like we had the whole canyon to ourselves. The guitar player serenading us as the sun rose up over the mountains was added perk. We really didn’t want to leave but we had some more adventures planned. Since we were already in Arizona, we decided to also visit Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. I have seen pictures of these two places all over the Internet and knew I had to visit someday. Well, someday had arrived.


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It took another two and half hours to drive to Page, Arizona, where both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are located. Our first stop was at Horseshoe Bend, which we found at clearly marked parking lot at the bottom of the trail. The walk to the lookout is just ten minutes, but it seemed tougher in the hot mid-day sun and sand. The view was exactly like the photos I had seen, no Photoshop necessary! It looked like a landscape straight out of a painting. I recommend going early if you visit so avoid the heat and crowds.


“I’d seen photos of these places all over the Internet and knew I had to visit someday. Well, someday had arrived.”


After Horseshoe Bend, we drove over to Antelope Canyon for our tour. The only way to get into Antelope Canyon is by setting up a tour. It is owned by native tribes and they control who comes in and out. The tours book up fast, so I recommend booking ahead. We were lucky enough to find two tickets left for a tour of the Upper Canyon. Unlike the other canyons, you walk through Antelope Canyon and it almost feels as though you’re in a cave. The swirling walls were created as water from flash floods mix with the sand, carving these beautiful lines into the rocks. You have to see this in person!

_DSC07375 _DSC07483

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The next morning, we ended up going back to the Grand Canyon before driving back to Phoenix to catch our flight home. We just had to see it one last time before our departure. I’m so glad were able to check a box off our bucket list and take this trip. The Grand Canyon literally took my breath away, a magical place everyone should try to see.


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