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Teva Slides were designed for freedom, an easy-on, easy-off style that meets the demands of barefoot adventures and style-driven moments. The Slide isn’t just a shoe—it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we’re celebrating the explorers and creatives who embody the spirit of spontaneity. So slide them on, toss them off, and show us what you’ve got.


Leah Bradley: Southern California Surfer, Stylist and Social Media Manager


“I’ve never liked staying in one place for very long,” says Leah Bradley. “My family moved around and traveled across the country in our camper van my entire childhood.” Bradley’s transient youth influenced her so that even as an adult with a “real” job, the stylist and social media manager always finds ways to be spontaneous. Whether it’s packing up for an unplanned weekend camping trip or taking on a new challenge in her career, for Bradley it’s “for to stay flexible.”


How does where you live influence your daily routine?

Although I dream of living on an abandoned beach somewhere, I currently live in Costa Mesa, California. We are super close to the beach and walking distance to fun trails and hikes. Whether I’m running errands or biking to the beach I’m usually barefoot and pretending I live somewhere remote and untouched.


And when it’s time to transition to shoes again, what are you usually doing?

My husband and I take lots of camping trips, so even though I’d love to always remain barefoot all the time, I usually make the transition when we are running in and out of town or rummaging through a local thrift shops. My Slide sandals are the best way to transition and make me feel as though my barefoot adventures never ended.


Tell us about your style.

I usually prefer a pair of boyfriend jeans or shorts and an oversized tee (usually stolen from my husband’s closet). I always love to throw on some fun sandals to make a statement with my simple, tomboy style. I work in the fashion industry so I really can wear whatever I love and that makes it fun. Whether I’m on set helping style or attending fashion shows and events I really opt for whatever I’ll be the most comfortable in throughout the day.


How do you keep yourself creatively inspired?

I’ve always found the most inspiration when I have zero distractions and can just sit on a beach or somewhere outside. I really limit my time spent online or on my phone as I feel that no one’s creative side has time to come out when all we’re obsessing over is looking at what others are doing and wearing and try find a way to copy. It’s in those quiet moments spent in nature that I truly get inspired creatively and get excited about my next big adventure.


What is your Slide lifestyle?

Always being ready to pack up and go on an adventure, most of the time into the unknown, is the way I love to live. Living a lifestyle like this requires the right kind of style, and a shoe that is easy-on, easy-off. When I reach the perfect spot, not only will I be ready to jump out and go for it but I can whip my shoes off just as easily and be excited for what awaits!
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