Warren Miller’s ‘Flow State’, An Epic Snow Sports Film

Fall has officially snapped and we’ve got snow on the brain! No, not in the form of a bad ice cream headache but overwhelming excitement for Teva’s foray into snow sports. Recently, we launched the Lifty Collection inspired by those anonymous men and women who dust off the lift before you plop down to enjoy the scenery and subsequent slopes. Also, we’ve added Lel Tone to the Teva team, our first winter sports athlete who will be appearing in Warren Miller’s latest snow sports film, Flow State.

Starting mid-October, Flow State will make its way around the country for the better part of a month. We’ll be at a few select screenings in California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and othersĀ  with some schwag and hoots and hollars from the balcony as Lel and out other favorites score some steep and deep powder. We recommend you visit the Flow State website to cop some tickets, as Warren’s films have a tendency to sell out fast! Also, follow our Instagram @TevaShoes for a chance to win some tickets and Teva product. See you at the film or on the slopes!


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