We Love These Instagram #AdventureDogs

We’re not shy about the fact we’re bona fide dog lovers here at Teva—we even adapted our signature webbing to make our canine comrades a rugged leash-and-collar set up. Let’s just say “Daily Puppy” gets our attention faster than “free donuts in the conference room,” and that’s saying something. So to honor our most adventurous companions (read: to feel justified looking at dog pictures at work), we scoured our Teva fans’ Instagram accounts to celebrate some brave dogs and get inspired to get out, travel, and get more tails wagging.

dog in fog

Name: Sniper

Breed: He was born on a reservation, so who knows! Definitely Border Collie and German Shepherd though.

Favorite place to explore: The home mountains around Whistler, BC, Canada, and he’s always in the water—summer or winter.

His coolest outdoor accomplishment: “We did an 8000 vertical feet bushwhack up Mt. Currie, which is near Whistler, and he tagged off the summit with us. He has climbed a lot of mountains, and he loves to go downhill biking and ski touring.”

Outdoor dog

Name: Remington

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Favorite place to explore: Government Canyon State Park in Texas.

His coolest outdoor accomplishment: Completing a 5K trail run in the Texas hill country.

small outdoor dog

Name: Dixie

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Favorite place to explore: We live in Miami and I thought she loved the beach, but recently we brought her to North Carolina and she loved it! She really likes the cold and to run around even though she is 14 years old.

trail running dog

Name: Bella

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Favorite place to explore: “She loves trail running and hiking big mountains and bagging peaks with me. Sometimes she gets so excited to hike she goes cross-eyed.”

Coolest outdoor accomplishment: “I think her biggest outdoor achievement was a week-long backpacking and climbing trip she took with me; she rocked the whole thing! She’s also become a rad backcountry ski dog, and gets stoked to come skiing with me.”


Name: Charlie

Breed: Australian Blue Heeler mix

Favorite place to explore: Sierra National Forest, especially when there is snow!


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