Weekend Warrior: Tahoe Birthday Snowprise


There are few things I will gladly lose sleep over…and one of them is snowboarding! After a long week of slaying office work, I let the great peaks of Lake Tahoe lure me in. I am not sure what the bigger deciding factor was for my trip, my best friend’s birthday or (finally) some recent snowfall— either way I was set on enjoying the frozen fruits of the land.

It felt good to take the sunny drive out of the bay area and get into the mountains. Weather forecasts saw no precipitation and no snow, so we charged Donner Pass and were in the ski town in no time.

City living makes you forget the finer things in life, like cabins, fires, snow boots and friendly people. Tahoe has all of these wonderful features in droves. Every time I go back I fall in love with the little village and daydream about living in a trailer with a hot tub and an adventure van. You can’t count the smiles you’ll get in a day there, and you can tell the locals are just plain happy to be alive.



We celebrated Rascha’s birthday in town, checking out local live music at Moody’s and Bar of America and enjoying the crystal clear night sky. We accepted that whatever fresh snow we would experience the next day would be manufactured, but we still secretly asked the shred gods above us for a wintery shower.

No amount of cake could stop us from being the first people on the slopes the next day (and we tend to eat enormous amounts of cake). We arrived at Alpine Meadows, geared up and suddenly noticed the cloudy sky. And that is when we also noticed the snow. It was snowing!! My friend Hannah and I immediately started beating each other ecstatically with our gloves and padded snow clothes. I think I cried a little; I was so happy.



It snowed for the rest of the day, offering a bit of comfort against the ice and exposed rocks showing themselves in this time of climate confusion. It’s February and it has only snowed twice (as far as I know)! That is blasphemy. Not only has California declared a state of water emergency in some areas, not only are trees beginning to blossom as if winter never happened, not only have fires unseasonably blazed the drought ridden hills and valleys of the state, but now a simple joy of many thrill seeking humans is jeopardized. This might be the least of our worries, but it’s enough to wake some people up, and show them the water issue is serious.

Though this thought was stirring in the back of my head, I couldn’t let it ruin this surprisingly epic day. We tore the mountain up. And I am going back again as soon as I can feel my legs.



P.S. More snow on the horizon for this week.

See you there.

—Elyse Beesting, Teva Ambassador

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