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As a naturalist, Charles Post is often ankle deep (literally) in nature—it’s all part of the job. Whether it’s observing the contents of a tide pool or exploring the forests and granite cliffs of Yosemite National Park, he needs a shoe that can tackle any environment and still look good enough to wear to dinner.

Enter the Arrowood Collection, a series of lightweight sneakerboots made with Floatlite™ technology for an ultra-light fit and feel. We tasked Post with taking our newest shoes on a test drive in the natural places he may as well call his “office.”


The Coordinates

Point Reyes National Seashore in California.

The Test

They’ve definitely been put through the ringer between working in the garden, hiking the coast or cruising around the slick granite of Yosemite, and they’re still going strong. I think it’s safe to say I have a few hundred more miles of use to put these shoes through.


The Performance

I hiked with my nose to the wind along the Northern California coast on a pretty chilly summer evening, and weaved through a few tide pools while the tide was coming in pretty fast. So let’s just say my Arrowood shoes got soaked, but worked perfectly: They kept my feet dry, handled well on the slick reef and rocks, and kept my feet cozy the whole way through.


The Fit

They are snug with a double thick hiking sock, my go-to pairing.

The Last Word

The Arrowood definitely fill a gap in my shoe quiver: Being a lightweight hiking shoe made largely of leather, they are perfect for short day hikes or just cruising around town. They’re light too, which is nice—sometimes leather hiking shoes can get pretty clunky.


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