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Alaska. The name alone is pretty much synonymous with wilderness adventure—the kind that demands rugged footwear. Guest blogger Charles Post recently visited the rich coastline and rainforests of Alaska with his girlfriend Meg Haywood-Sullivan by his side for a fly-fishing adventure in the north. Between bagging sockeye salmon and rainbow trout and spotting bears and bald eagles, we asked Post to give our roam-ready Hurricane XLT sandals a test drive.

 Who he is: Charles Post, a naturalist and photographer.

What he wore: Men’s Hurricane XLT sandals in Aztec Chocolate Brown

teva hurricane xlt

Where he wore it: Kenai, Alaska, a spit of land that juts into the rich seas of the northern Pacific Ocean just shy of the Aleutian Archipelago. It’s a landscape of turquoise rivers, abundant Grizzlies, renowned salmon migration, and blue ribbon trout fishing. “Being a freshwater ecologist and fisherman first and foremost, my years of studies and keen interest in Alaska primed me for an adventure I would never forget,” Post says. As a young boy, Post’s dad taught him to “fish what the locals are fishing.” Lucky for him, he crossed paths with Grant Anderson, lead fishing guide and owner of The Fly Box, the most westerly fly shop in North America. “After am impassioned conversation about the anchor river and smoked salmon, he offered to take me fishing, an offer that would set a high bar for fishing and days well spent in the Alaskan backcountry.”

teva hurricane xlt

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What he loved: The Hurricane XLT is the perfect shoe for the moments leading up to and following a day on the river,” says Post. “There’s nothing like peeling off waterlogged boots and waders, and slipping in my Teva sandals with a pair of thick wool socks. Our trip to Alaska pretty much consisted of that rotation: waders and boots to Teva sandals, Teva sandals back to my waders and boots. Nothing better!”

teva hurricane xlt

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