Charles Post in The Lizard Originals

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One of the things we love most about Charles Post’s style is how naturally it transitions from the crowded city streets to the desolate redwood forests. And since he often works in both places as a naturalist and creative, his knack for dressing well in any situation is a pretty excellent time saver. We asked Charles to give one of our favorite summer sandals a test run to see how they keep up.


Who he is: Naturalist and Teva guest blogger Charles Post.

What he wore: Men’s Original Universal in the Artist Series Lizard print.


“Traveling by foot reveals the subtleties of a place, those aspects that fuel our adventures and lifestyle.”


“My Tevas make the transition from photoshoots to a day of ridge-line hikes.”


See how Charles Post and girlfriend Meg Haywood-Sullivan styled more of our favorite sandals during their trip to Hawaii. Shop Lizard print Original Universal at!

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