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Pictured: Men’s Durban Boot Tall Leather

Grant Puckett is, like most of his friends, a true multihyphenate. “I like wearing a lot of different hats in the creative field,” he explains. “I’m shooting photos, creative directing, marketing, and running social media for companies.”


Though the lines between work and play are perpetually blurred for the Los Angeles model & photographer, there’s at least one constant: When he finds something he loves, he goes all in. Here are five things on his radar at the moment.


Being On the Move

I love that my job allows me to always be on the run. I’m in a constant state of exploration, needing different experiences on a daily basis.


I’ve been almost psychotic about learning things lately. As I’ve gotten older and time goes by faster, I’ve realized the infinite amount of things I’m curious about.


Malibu Rock Pools

This is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. It’s so close, yet so far removed from the city. Our Teva boots allowed my friends and I to adventure into all of the diverse terrain this amazing place has to offer.

Road Trips

A lot of my friends come from a creative background. I love going on trips with them because we feed off of each other. Seems like we always get ourselves into some questionable situations trying to get a cool photo!



I’m currently getting tattoos on a weekly basis. I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m infatuated with the traditional American style. As soon as I finish one piece I start planning the next!

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