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Like a surfer with her quiver of boards, Lady Slider photographer Tara Michie has a pair of boots for every condition.

“I have my special occasion boots I wear when I want to be fancy, the casual kind of boots I’ll throw on with jeans or shorts, and other boots designated for hiking,” she explains.


It’s a collection that—seeing as Michie lives in the perpetually hot and humid Hawaiian Islands—seems out of place among a closet of cut-off shorts and bikinis. But, according to the surfer, that’s exactly why ankle boots are so appealing to her sartorial sensibilities.

“I try to find balance in an outfit. I love pairing feminine looks with tough, masculine boots or adding weight to a light outfit with a pair of nice leather boots,” she says. “I like unlikely outfits, like an aloha shirt with a pair of ankle boots. It’s fun challenging my style.”

Here, Michie puts her styling skills to the test with three of our favorite fall ankle boot styles.




I don’t usually wear boots with aloha shirts but thought it would be a fun to style the De La Vina Lace boots while I was out running errands all day. It’s a statement outfit that doesn’t try too hard. It reminds me of how the military officers dressed in the 1940 and 1950s in Hawai’i! The gray Brixton hat really completed the outfit and I even changed it out and put on a bandana later in the day. Investing in accessories always gives your outfit that extra “oomph.”




I really like the Coromar boots because they don’t feel like boots at all! They have a really light sole and are incredibly comfortable, so I decided to go for a really casual look with a pair of high-waist jeans and a T-shirt. I gave my outfit an extra bit of flair by tying a knot on the t-shirt (making it a cropped top) and wearing a pair of my new Chloé sunglasses! It gave my outfit a very retro feel that I love.




I found this traditional Ukrainian dress on Etsy and have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it. I always like wearing a bit of a heel with statement dresses like this one and the Foxy Leather boots are the perfect height, just enough heel to make the outfit work. I especially like that I can dress these boots up or down. The dress is a made with a heavier linen fabric so it is a great transitional outfit for fall in Hawai’i.

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