Photographer Joel Caldwell in Original Universal Workwear Sandals

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Attempting to pinpoint Joel Caldwell’s location over the last few months would be a trying undertaking—even for him. Trace the photographer’s route with a thick red line and it would squiggle from Durango, Colorado, through Great Basin National Park in Nevada, up to Bigfork, Montana, 1,500 miles through the highlands in Mongolia, and back to his home in Brooklyn, New York. Caldwell knows how to put in the work, so we gave him a pair of our Workwear Originals for a test drive.


Who he is: Photographer Joel Caldwell.

What he wore: Men’s Original Universal Workwear


“My people and my work take me to undeveloped places, but coming home means crossing the threshold into the super urban—a pleasantly shocking experience,” he says.



“Teva sandals fit my lifestyle,” Caldwell reports. “Comfortable, cool, packable, and hip, I like to keep it light and simple. Whether I’m hiking up a trail or heading down into the subway, I can feel appropriately dressed.”




See how naturalist Charles Post wore our Men’s Original Universal Lizard sandals, then upload your own sandals shots on Instagram @Teva #TevaTuesday.



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