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Photographer Jared Tadlock (a.k.a. Tadlocka) is the first to admit that Kansas is probably not a photographer’s dream destination.

“It’s a flyover state, and depending where you are, it’s primarily flat and uneventful,” says the Colorado native, who is wrapping up his Masters’ studies in Kansas. “However, when you do find one of its gems, it makes it even more special. What Kansas has taught me is that it’s not about the location where you’re shooting, but how you approach it. It forces you to develop a unique eye—you have to work for it, look harder for it.”

The result is Tadlocks’ unique photography style, which effortlessly blends natural places with urban spaces by using strong lines, moody colors, and lots of movement. Here, Tadlock shows us how to style the Coromar, a chukka-style, buffed-leather boot that can keep up with a guy who’s always on the go.


The Run-Down

What he wore: The Men’s Coromar.

Where he lives: Kansas.

Height: Six feet, eight inches. Basketball was my life for my first 22 years. My career in photography is a direct response to the stress of competing at the college level. It served as my escape from six-day weeks working out and practicing.



Behind the Lens

What’s your favorite thing to shoot?

I love to capture and expose small and intimate details of a subject and display them in an honest way; when I say “honest,” I mean more natural and candid, not orchestrated but true to the setting.

What’s in your kit?

When I’m shooting I always keep my 24mm 1.4 prime lens on me and a 70-200mm in my bag. 24mm is perfect for capturing a scene completely and the 1.4 aperture really allows me to highlight the details; the 70-200 creates great atmosphere.

Favorite place to shoot?

Growing up my time was pretty split between the mountains and the city. In both settings, I still look for those small moments, the often-overlooked details of a scene.

You shoot a lot of shoes. Any reason?

I’ve always been big into sneakers and footwear ever since I was young, so it made sense to start photographing them as well. I currently have around 50-60 pairs. I haven’t thrown away a pair of sneakers in more than 10 years, so it’s been a long accumulation process.



The Look

Describe your personal style.

My style is very toned down, primarily black and greys, and I love layered looks that are heavy on color blocking. As a photographer who draws inspiration from both urban and nature genres, having a pair of footwear that can be worn in both locations is a must.

How did you wear the Coromar boots?

I wore them for a 13-hour wedding shoot last weekend and my feet were cozy all day. I was pretty impressed since they’re so minimal. I think gear that performs technically, but doesn’t look technical is huge. The Coromar boots gave me just enough support for romping through wooded areas, and still had comfort and flexibility for trekking across concrete streets, and the soft leather sides allow for a super-soft fit.

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