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Whether you celebrate the holidays with parties, plane tickets, or by hibernating in front of the fire, we’ve got a shoe for you. From cozy velvet shoes to waterproof, reflective sneakers to luxe Flatforms, we outfitted five of our favorite fashion bloggers in our limited-edition Holiday Exclusives collection and chatted all things merry and bright.


Emily Vartanian

Pasadena, California



Shop the Women’s Ember Moc Velvet.


How did you style your Ember Moc Velvet for the holiday season?

I’ve recently been into super comfy, casual looks with details that pop, which is how I styled my Teva Ember Moc Velvet for the holiday. I wore my favorite mom jeans and a cozy white turtleneck with a pop of color and texture on my feet.




What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

The shopping — I know, crazy! But I just love being in crowded streets with holiday music and decor. It puts me in such a great mood.




What’s the best or most creative gift you’ve ever been given for the holiday? 

I think my favorite holiday gift to give was flying my husband out to New York City. We got to experience the city during the holidays together and we got engaged so it was a super special trip! This year I’m spending my holidays with my husband as newlyweds in our new apartment and I can’t wait to decorate every inch of our place.


Jeremy Mitchell

Brooklyn, New York


Shop the Men’s Arrowood Mid Waterproof Flash.


What inspired this holiday look? 
I styled the Teva Arrowood Mid Waterproof Flash in a very monochromatic way with comfortable textured fabrics. It was a Sunday and it was raining. Dressing casual and comfortable was the main goal. I was scrolling through Snapchat news and saw Gigi Hadid wearing something similar, but with a luxury feel to it.




What is your favorite way to spend time during the holiday season?

Definitely cozying up at home watching movies or Japanese cartoons while drinking Nestlé hot chocolate or black tea. I’m not much of a coffee drinker. When I was younger I was into the parties, but the older I got the more comfortable I became staying at home. I hope I’m not getting old too fast.




What’s the most creative gift you’ve ever been given?
Having close creative friends — everyone at Dapper Studios.


Joelle Friend

Seattle, Washington


Shop the Women’s Flatform Universal Velvet.


How’d you pull off this tropical look during the holidays?

I decided to take a break from the cold and go to Hawaii with a few of my close friends. We had dinner by the beach and watched the sunset on our first night there. I wore my Teva Flatform Universal Velvet sandals with a denim skirt and a nice, flowy white top. I’m obsessed with pairing denim and white, and I loved how it looked with the deep purple Teva Flatform Universal Velvet sandals.




What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given for the holidays? 

Last year my boyfriend gifted me Polaroids of all of our special memories. He wrote his thoughts on each moment on the back of every Polaroid. I was so surprised and felt so loved.




How are you spending the holiday this year? 

I am definitely spending them with friends and family. We love coming together and meeting at my mother’s house to have dinner and open presents with my nephews. It is always such a fun time with them, and I love helping my mom cook.


Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Los Angeles, California 


Shop the Women’s Ember Moc Velvet.


How did you style the Ember Moc Velvet for the holidays?

With sheer socks, cropped pants and my big teddy-bear jacket. I love the Ember Moc Velvet shoes because their design is an amazing combination of comfort and style. I was inspired to stay warm and cute by layering fun pieces, like the sheer socks and cozy jacket.




How have you been spending the holiday season?

Kyle and I were in Toronto for our first wedding anniversary, where we got to experience the real feel of fall — what we’ve been deprived of back home in Los Angeles (it’s still in the high 70s as of now). I finally got to dust off my coats and sweaters for the trip and I lived for the refreshing bite of chill. Since we’re both new to the city, we explored a few different places like the Distillery District and Kensington Market, meaning lots and lots of walking in the cold.




What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given for the holidays?

A series of coffee table books that my husband Kyle made for me. Each book is a different theme, such as our love story and my personal photography. It was so well done, unique and memorable!


Sam Landreth

Portland, Oregon


Shop the Women’s Flatform Universal Velvet.


How did you style your Teva shoes for the holiday season?

I like to wear dark colors in the winter months and these are all looks I’d wear for a holiday get-together with friends or to go out Christmas shopping. I like to be comfy but stylish and all of these shoes from the Teva Holiday Exclusives Collection tie my looks together so well.



Shop the Women’s Ember Moc Velvet.


What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given for the holiday?

When I was 16, my parents surprised me with a kitten. After a consistent 16 years of asking and thinking it would never happen, a tiny four-month-old kitten came running downstairs. His name is Hawk because he was swooped up by a Hawk as a baby and was rescued! He’s the sweetest cat.



How are you spending the holiday this year?

This year I’ll be in Dallas for Thanksgiving with my boyfriend, San Francisco for Christmas with my parents and then Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend. Excited for all the fun new things we’ll get to do in each city.


Shop the limited edition Holiday Exclusives at Teva.com and #StrapIntoFreedom on Instagram @Teva!

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