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Every year, when we ask our friends and fans for the most important criteria of a music festival outfit, they always say the same thing: comfort (and usually, they’re referring to footwear).

So that’s what we focused on for festival season: stylish and versatile shoes that cradle feet in comfort for long days at Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Sasquatch, or wherever you’re watching your favorite bands play this year. Enter our yearly music festival style roundup. Come for the outfit inspiration, stay for all the bands you haven’t heard of yet.

Apneet Kaur




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“My style is a mix of vintage, tomboy and street-style aesthetics. I’m inspired by ‘60s girl bands, the punks, the writers, and the folk musicians. There’s this idea that people on the fringe contribute to mainstream culture, and I’m interested in the outsiders. It’s a reinvention of the past and music and fashion are really similar in that way. They influence each other.

Rock the Bells was my favorite festival, but sadly it’s no longer running. It was a hip-hop themed festival where I got to see Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and even Snoop Dogg. I’m loving SZA and Twin Peaks lately. I also saw The Black Angels, Ryan Adams, and The Growlers not too long ago. Next time you’re in Brooklyn, check out Elliot and The Ghost, and the Harmonica Lewinskies.

My festival must-haves? This might sound like a grandma answer, but certainly sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, a good camera, and rad friends. I think comfort overall is the best approach. I love my Teva Midform Original Universal sandals for this reason. Here, I’ve styled a denim-on-denim outfit with neutral sandals. Cute and comfortable takes the prize.”

D’Ara Nazaryan




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“I attended Carnaval in Brazil this year and it’s, without question, the most intense event I’ve ever attended. Brazilians really know how to party, and suffice it to say, it was an all-consuming experience and holds the number-one ranking as my favorite festival.

I’m attending Coachella this year, so I’m really looking forward to BROCKHAMPTON, Yaeji, and Ibeyi. The best part of a festival is floating from stage to stage, discovering artists you’ve never heard if.

It’s my philosophy to not focus much on trends (like the ever-played-out fringe and flower-crown motifs) and instead make my personal style adaptable to the festival environment. An easy slip-on, backless jumpsuit makes for a look that’s completely free of fuss and still versatile when transitioning from day to night. I’m definitely a mood dresser and I tend to blast music in the mornings when I’m getting ready. I’m sure my playlists have shaped a number of outfits over the years!”

Reinaldo Irizarry


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“My motto has always been ‘your style defines your character.’ Being yourself, always, but playing with your style and presenting to the world a different version of yourself with every outfit is so much fun. Music conveys emotions through sound the way that style does through clothes. As a kid, I remember going to concerts by myself and looking at what everyone was wearing and wanting so badly to have the finesse to put together outfits like the ones I saw there. It’s still, today, one of my favorite things about going to concerts.

I’ve been to Coachella four times. The whole experience can be overwhelming, especially as a newcomer, so plan out your day and your outfits in advance before heading to the festival. Make a list of the artists you want to see, the times they go on and the stage they’re playing on. Once you’re there, give yourself enough time to walk from stage to stage (they’re long walks) and carve out time for bathroom breaks between acts. The weather at Coachella changes drastically from day to night, so bring a jacket if you’re staying all night and a scarf or bandana to cover your face in the case of a sand storm. I remember getting caught in a storm my first time and had nothing to cover my eyes or mouth with. There was sand everywhere.

This year I’m most excited for Cardi B. She’s not the type of artist you’d expect in the festival circuit, but that doesn’t discount her from being an exciting act to see. I’m also excited for Odesza, Kelela, SZA, and, of course, Queen Bey.”

Lola Akande




Shop Lola’s Teva Original Universal sandals in Miramar Fade Coral.

“I’ve attended the SXSW festival in Austin once and I always attend Rodea here in Houston, Texas. I love the amazing food and daring events, but the live music is my favorite. I’m super excited to see One Republic and Brad Paisley perform. Festivals are the time to dress in a fun way, experimenting with bright colors and patterns is the way to go.

I wanted to style my Teva Original Universal sandals in a comfy way, so I wore this lightweight and flowy dress from Zara. It gave me a soft yet bold look — just throw on sunglasses and call it a day. Honestly, some of my best style combinations happen by accident. I would say to start of small and stick to similar tones and textures when you start mixing colors and prints. Also, learn the color rules! When mixing three vibrant prints, you’ll want to choose colors that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel, like yellow, blue and mauve.

You can always tell my mood by my outfit. Feeling happy, I throw on something bright and flowy. Feeling confident, I can channel my inner ‘Sex and The City’ vibes. I love wearing accessories and believe shoes are absolutely important because they can change your whole outfit game.”

Tommy Lei




Shop Tommy’s Teva Original Universal sandals in Peaks Caramel.

“Music happens to be a big part of how I start and end my day. Building an outfit is a lot like building a song, with different riffs and crescendos you want to achieve. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dressed against the grain. I’m at a stage in my life where my style has evolved to become a reflection and extension of myself.

Los Angeles has such an incredible hodgepodge of style, but it can also be quite insular given the number of niche neighborhoods that occupy this sprawling city. The urbanite of downtown LA may prefer a more fitted, structural silhouette to match the concrete landscape, while a long-time Malibu yogi may prefer relaxed, breathable outfits. That’s what makes it such a special city — that diversity.

My festival style is usually a cross between something chic and and something bold, but festival style has to be functional. You’re on your feet all day, possibly all night, while rocking to your favorite performances — my Teva Original Universal sandals make this feat a much easier task for my feet. Walking from stage to stage in them is an absolute dream.”

Kathryn Zahorak



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“I’m an actress and have always found style inspiration from the storytelling and imagery in film, from old Hollywood classics to up-and-coming indie films. Movie soundtracks have the same effect. Soundtracks are always playing in the background as I plan and model outfits or write posts for my blog. I love the soundtracks from Call Me By Your Name, The Graduate, Like Crazy, and Singin’ in the Rain.

When I was 19 years old and a freshman in college in NYC, I flew to Seattle and road tripped with my high school friends to Sasquatch at the Gorge. The Gorge is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to. We slept in little tents, and didn’t shower for two days. It was more about the music and less about fashion (Instagram was barely a thing back then). We stood for five hours straight one night, because our spots were so close to the main stage. We watched The Head & the Heart, then Beirut, then Bon Iver.

My festival is style is less Penny Lane and more Bridget Bardot. When I styled my Teva Original Universal and Teva Midform Universal sandals, I had Coachella in mind. I thought about the cheeky architecture of neighboring Palm Springs — I love the mod mid-century style. My looks are styled with playful colors, interesting silhouettes, and unexpected prints. I’m obsessed with this matching crop top and pant set. I think my Teva sandals add a pop of tomboy to a very feminine look.”

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