Worn Well: My Belonging’s Tommy Lei in Morocco

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Despite being a born-and-bred “city boy,” MyBelonging blogger Tommy Lei is the first one to acknowledge the innate human need for some wide-open space—something he got plenty of on his recent trip to Morocco. Here, the Hong Kong-born, LA-based traveler (who got his professional start working on marketing for RuPaul’s Drag Race) talks camels, the Teva spring collection, and dressing by osmosis.

Tommy Lei wearing long jacket in Morocco

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Tell us what “unisex menswear style” is.
Far too often, we tend to view fashion and style as such a finite binary between the two genders, as if every woman and man are the same size and have similar design preferences. Unisex menswear simply means dressing for yourself—your shape, size and aesthetic preferences—and not being bound to the gendered aisles or sections of your favorite retailers and brands.

Hand holding Teva Men's Original Universal Premier in front of basket

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Tommy Lei sitting on tiled fountain in Morocco
Who is your style icon?
I used to be able to answer this question without a single doubt in my mind, but these days I don’t really believe in a perennial style icon. I believe in being an icon of style for yourself.

How many countries have you visited so far?

Thirteen and counting!

Tommy Lei sitting in marketplace in Morocco

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So, when you travel, how does your style adapt?
I incorporate unique apparel pieces that are native to the culture and surroundings I’m immersed in. It’s a by-osmosis effect of sorts. I believe it is a respectful ode and homage to learning and appreciating a culture that is entirely foreign to my own. It’s also a great souvenir to have, as a tangible reminder or the time spent and memories tied to a particular destination.

Sand pouring out of Arrowood Swift sneaker

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Tommy Lei wearing long jacket in Morocco
What surprised you about your time in Morocco?

The native people of Morocco are far more diverse and multi-dimensional than what’s conveyed in the media or any travel guide I’ve come across. For one, Moroccans are comprised of Arabs, Berbers and Riffians and Beni-Snassen. There’s also a sizable minority of Moroccan-Jews. Depending on where you are, temperaments can range from very hospitable to somewhat anti-tourist. Just employ your common sense when roaming the open-air markets of Marrakech, specifically in Medina.


What was the stand-out moment?

The camel ride into the Saharan desert, which totaled an hour and a half. It was perhaps the most enchanting and memorable part of the trip, due to the fact that we were completely surrounded by nothing but the stars above and endless sand dunes amongst us. In that moment, it truly felt meditative and peaceful. A real, much-needed pause from our daily realities and burdens.

Man wearing Arrowood Swift sneakers in tiled hallway Morocco

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Why did you choose the Men’s Original Universal Premier, Alp Premier, and Arrowood Swift styles for the trip?
Teva is a fantastic fit for any travel excursion, but particularly for Morocco because of the sandals’ adaptability to various terrains. I personally love them since I put quite a bit of emphasis on comfort when it comes to my own style. The Original Universal Premier allowed me to traverse through changing terrain without sacrificing fashion or function. That’s a winning combo for me and anyone else who claims to be an avid traveler.

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